The Galloway Shepherd

Les Nichol was the last in a long line of Galloway Shepherds in Scotland.

He lived and worked on the Scottish Border hills all his days, tending to his sheep.

Les once spoke at the time of lambing:-

“It was fine if you were ‘in by’ and had a shed to take the sheep into overnight, but if you were out on the hills I just had to turn my collar up and pull my cap down and spend the night with my sheep.’

Didn’t you get bored, Les was asked. He ridiculed the very idea. It would be a very poor man, he insisted, who didn’t have enough in his head to think about for a night or two.

“And if ever I ran out of things to talk to myself about”, Les said, “well, that’s when I listened while the Lord did the talking.”

The greatest shepherd of all eventually called Les home.

One cared for humble sheep, the other cares for humble humans. I guess that they must have lots to discuss together!


With many peaceful blessings


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To Everything There Is A Season

In the 1960s, singer and songwriter, Pete Seeger, took some much-loved words from the Biblical book of Ecclesiastes and adapted them to go with the haunting music he had written. The result was a massive hit, and an enduring song that has remained popular over the decades:-

To everything there is a season and a time for every purpose, under heaven.

Yet while things come and go, there are also special times for different people in our lives. Some are there for a specific reason at a specific time, perhaps in times of trouble, and then they move on as troubles pass. Some are there for a season. It may be that we can make special friendships, when our children are small, but as they grow older the ties loosen.

Others, like family, are with us for a lifetime and are probably the most important people of all.

While we take care to cherish the friends who come in and out of our lives, let’s not take for granted those who are with us all of the time.


With many peaceful blessings


Cleansed Demons: The Voice of Timothy

It was a Monday, and I had gone to the temple to offer praises and to worship God. I was dressed to impress, wearing my best bib and tucker, well you do, don’t you, when you go to the temple? I wanted people to know that I took this God stuff seriously and of course I wanted to be seen looking my best.

I walked in through the large oak doors, past a group of women and some lepers who were not fit to enter. I didn’t even acknowledge them, not even a tip of my hat or half a smile.

I took my seat,three rows from the front, with a good view of the proceedings, but not too close just in case I was asked to make a commitment to something or other. Well, you don’t want to do that, do you?

All was still and quiet, but then something changed. Something new had begun and I was desperate to be a part of it. Maybe not at first, but as time went on and as order turned to chaos, I did not want to be sitting three rows back any more, I wanted to be at the front. But wait, I am getting ahead of myself, let’s go back a bit.

As I have said, there I was minding my own business when there was a commotion at the door. I strained my neck to see what was going on, and then I saw Him, a man, youngish, plain looking, nothing to write home about really.

He was normal, like me, but not as well dressed of course. But He was surrounded by people. Everyone wanted a piece of Him. What was He saying that was so important? Who was He anyway?

Eventually people settled, and the young man stood up. He took the scroll, read from it, handed it to the attendant and sat down.

There was a hush of expectation, no-one hardly dared breathe and then He spoke. It was like nothing I had ever heard before.

His voice was soothing, interesting, meaningful, and He talked about God in a new way. In a way that somehow made God accessible, made Him more real, made Him interesting.

Everyone was hanging on His every word, including me. What was it about Him, what power did He have? What authority? What hope?

But then the spell was broken. There was another noise from the door, but this time it was not a welcome one. There was a man, scruffy and unkempt, loud and unruly, who staggered into the middle of the temple.

He pointed accusingly at the young man and moved towards Him threateningly. Officials from all sides stood and moved quickly towards them, ready to intervene. But wait – a silence, a calm hand in the air, like a slow motion picture, a smile, a few words and then stillness.

I watched the scruffy man, the one who had not been wanted, the one who didn’t fit in, the one who stood out, and I waited. He rolled on the floor as if in great pain, he made a scene; he behaved in an inappropriate way and yet Jesus walked over, bent down and helped him up.

The man was no longer shouting, or wagging an accusing finger, he was calm, like he was somehow a new person. Suddenly he was clean and whole.

What had happened that day? How did this young travelling preacher change a man? A man in need, and a man in a bad place, a man who came into the temple searching for peace, but was only met with our disdain. A man unclean, and yet Jesus met him and cared for him.

Healed him. Changed him. Loved him. And if I am honest I was changed too. I too wanted to be changed, wanted to be new, wanted to start again, hope again, live again. And Jesus, well He made all this possible.

(From In The Shadows of Victory by Becky Lovatt. Copies of this inspirational kindle book may be downloaded by going to:


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Megan Thomas – Youth President-designate of Methodist Conference 2014/2015

Recently I spent a few hours with Megan Thomas, who is the Youth President-designate of the Methodist Conference for 2014/2015.

And, during Megan’s visit, I produced/edited a video for her which I would like to warmly invite you to view by clicking below:-

Megan has also contributed her ‘Walk’ to Volume 2 of ‘My Walk With God’ (to be published within the next few weeks).




With many peaceful blessings




Thought For The Day

Sir Humphry Davy, the Professor of Chemistry at the Royal Institute in London, who invented the Davy Safety Lamp to protect miners from explosions of firedamp, also wrote words of wisdom, with which to lighten the lives of others.

Judge for yourself:-

“Life is made up, not of duties or great sacrifices, but of little things, in which smiles, kindness and small obligations, given habitually, are what preserve the heart and secure comfort.”

Wise words indeed!


With many peaceful blessings


O Christ Jesus

O Christ Jesus,
When all is darkness
And we feel our weakness and helplessness,
Give us the sense of Your presence,
Your love, and Your strength,
Help us to have perfect trust
In your protecting love
And strengthening power,
So that nothing may frighten or worry us,
For, living close to You,
We shall see Your hand,
Your purpose, Your will through all things.

(St Ignatius of Loyola)


With many peaceful blessings