Please Support My Go Fund Me Campaign

I would like to share with you my Go Fund Me campaign which I have just launched.

Recently it has become more and more difficult for me to use my small mobility scooter as apart from my own strength still being very weak my wife has problems with her hands and arms so she has been finding it increasingly difficult to help me lift my scooter out of the boot of my car. And, being only  a small mobility scooter, it has only a very limited range without recharging its battery, and it is positively dangerous on rough, uneven ground!

And when my right foot began hurting me almost unbearably for several weeks during September and I couldn’t put it on the ground I realised that I needed to have an electric wheelchair as soon as possible, which will give me much flexibility in being mobile.  And I would then also need a mobility car to accommodate the electric wheelchair (which, of course, will be much larger than my present small mobility scooter!).

This is an usual situation for me as I am normally the one to raise monies for other people!

But I have to be practical and the only way that I can purchase an electric wheelchair and mobility car is by launching this Go Fund Me campaign.

For further information about my campaign please go to:-

Take care

With many peaceful blessings


Maria’s Three Things To Remember

Sister Hayat was forced to flee her monastery near Mosul to escape the self-proclaimed Islamic State last year. Once she and the other nuns were safe, their abbess Sister Maria called them together for a meeting, and gave them three things to keep in mind during the crisis:

  • Don’t look back on what has happened.
  • Ask yourself what God is telling you today.
  • Go out into the world and work with people.

This had a real impact on Hayat’s life, and she asked God for guidance. “As clear as a bell, He spoke to me,” she recalls. “He was calling me to work with children and youth.”

Thanks to your support, Hayat is running programmes for the youth and caring for the sick, as well as leading a powerful prayer movement among refugees in Erbil. She asks for our continued prayers for Iraq: “We feel the power of your prayers. They are helping a lot. Please keep praying. Your prayers are the daily bread we live on.”


  • For strength and energy for people like Hayat who are working to support refugees
  • For provision for the thousands of families who remain trapped in refugee camps
  • For comfort and peace for refugees who are confused, in shock, and who feel unsafe
  • For wisdom for leaders of Iraq and other nations as they work to the end the crisis

With many prayerful blessings


A Penny Candle

It’s just a penny candle,
That’s burning in my room;
A light that grows the brighter,
The thicker falls the gloom.

It’s just a penny candle,
And yet it is no less,
A symbol of the God I love
The faith that I profess.

The wax is God the Father
The wick is God the Son.
The flame the Holy Spirit,
The Candle three-in-one.

It’s just a penny candle,
But like the God of Light,
The glow becomes more golden,
The blacker is the night.

With many peaceful blessings


My Walk With God – now in both kindle and .pdf formats

One of my books – My Walk With God – is now available as a kindle and in .pdf format.

My Walk With God includes the spiritual journeys of Ministers, Lay Preachers and Authors. It is truly inspirational.

For further information and to obtain your copy please go to:-
With many peaceful blessings


A Holy Place

It may be no cathedral
But this is a holy place
A place where Jesus manifests
His power and His grace.

It may to you seem humble
Architecture not the best
But it’s here we meet the Saviour
It’s here that hearts are blessed.

The building is not ornate
It’s all we could afford
To us it’s worth a million
Here people meet the Lord.

You see it’s not materials
Let it be understood
It doesn’t matter if the church
Is built of bricks or wood.

For it is still a Bethel
A ladder up to Heaven
For here the people know and feel
The joy of sins forgiven.

(Pastor Harold E V Kemp)


With many peaceful blessings


On The Lighter Side

A clergyman was driving his sports car at a very fast pace.

He had to scream to a standstill to avoid an accident.

When the angry driver of the other car stormed over to exchange words with the clergyman, the Vicar handed him his card which read:-

“The Rev Paul Brown is very sorry to have missed you. He hopes to make contact with you next time.”


With many laugh-filled blessings


God’s Touch

I was on a journey,
And was lost and all alone,
I didn’t know which path to take,
That would lead me home.

Suddenly a hand touched mine,
And I heard a stranger say,
“Don’t be afraid, just follow me,
And I will show you the way”.

He said, “The road will not be easy
For it is hard and long,
But with me close behind you,
I know you will be strong”.

Suddenly the sun came out,
There was a rainbow in the sky,
The stranger filled my heart with love,
And I knew that I would get by.

The “stranger” never left me,
He became my faithful friend,
His hand always held mine,
Until I reached my journey’s end.

Then I was home at las,
This stranger had shown me so much love,
He said he would always hold my hand,
It was then I knew that he was “God above”.

(Celia Hoare)


With many peaceful blessings