When Will We Ever Learn?

I have been thinking about Genesis 3 today.

To me, this has a very profound message for us all…….

Adam and Eve failed to obey God and were tempted by the serpent (representing Satan) to eat the Apple.

And it all went downhill from then on!

Adam and Eve ate the apple for no better reason than that they were told by the Serpent that God didn’t really mean what he said and that by eating the apple their eyes would be opened and that they would be like God, knowing both good and evil.

And – sadly – even today, many many thousands of years after God created the world we often fail to listen to what God is telling us.

In the words of the well known song – ‘When will we ever learn, when will we ever learn?’

My Walk With God

Welcome to my new blog ‘Walking With God’………..

I am in the process of writing several books – one of which is entitled ‘My Walk With God’.

Many people have their own – and intensely personal – experience as they take their Walk With God and some of these wonderfully inspirational ‘Walks’ I have already received and they will be appearing in my book when it becomes published early next year.

I myself had a life changing (literally) experience in February of this year when I was suffering from a very serious illness from which I nearly died.

I had my ‘bags’ already packed and ready to make my journey towards Heaven but God had other plans for me and told me that I still had work to do here on His Earth.

But if it had not been for the great love and care of my wife, Marlene, I most certainly would have made my final transition. 

Marlene taught me how to really pray and many of the long nights when I was unable to sleep, I would talk with God. 

And God listened – and heard my prayers – and one day, when the District Nurse unbandaged my legs, she was totally amazed (as was I!) to discover that overnight my legs had 90% healed…………….

Although the remaining 10% of the healing progress is still ongoing I am now able to drive my car and walk short distances. I become very tired if standing too long or when I am sitting in one place for more than 30 minutes – but I am alive and raring to go. And, for that, I am truly counting all my blessings.

Now, I am waiting on God to show me in which direction he wants me to go – I know he has tremendous plans for me, I just need to be patient!

If you would like to share your ‘Walk With God’ with me and my blog I shall always be very happy to hear from you.

With many peaceful blessings