The Thessalonian Epistles

Acts 17: 1-15 records the founding of the church in Thessalonica.

Paul ministered there for a short time, possibly only a month, but the Lord did a great work, and the witness of the church became known far and wide!

Paul had to leave the city and was not able to return, so he sent Timothy to see how things were going.

Paul wrote the first letter from Corinth (Acts 18: 5) in response to Timothy’s report. He wanted to encourage the people in their Christian Walk and assure them of his love and concern.

The second letter was written a few months later to encourage the church to remain steadfast in the midst of persecution.

Some of the people thought the “day of the Lord” had come, so Paul dealt with that subject as well.

Both letters emphasized the coming of Christ and the practical effect it will have on our lives






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