King David and King Solomon

I came across this little poem about King David and King Solomon in one of my many reference books – which I thought deserved a wider audience.

King David and King Solomon
Led merry. merry lives,
With many, many lady friends,
And many, many wives;
But when old age crept over them
With many, many qualms
King Solomon wrote the Proverbs
And King David wrote the Psalms.

Trust and Obey – For There’s No Other Way

Romans 12:2

“Don’ t copy the behaviour and customs of the world, but let  God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think. Then you will learn to know God’s will for you, which is good and pleasing and perfect”.

For some people change may occur naturally. But, in my case, the only way in which He could grab my attention was to cause me to be very seriously ill. My doctor expected me to die, my loving wife, Marlene, saw the spirit of death with me, but God had other ideas.

He even sent me my own very special Angel in the form of Marlene, thousands of miles from her home in Durban, to fall in love with me and to provide me with the 24/7 care which I needed whilst I was so dangerously ill.

For many years, Marlene has been a lay preacher and she taught me to pray. And I spoke to God in a way that I had never done before and He listened to my prayers and slowly I found myself knowing that I was back in the world of the earthly living.

Although I am now very disabled, and cannot walk far, I can drive my little car, go to Church and I do make it into a few shops, where the parking is user-friendly for disabled people.

But, at least, I am alive – and I know that the Lord, my God, even though I may be limited in certain physical respects, has great plans for both Marlene and I. 

During the past year I have personally witnessed numerous miracles in my life – some minor and some fairly dramatic. The biggest miracle for Marlene and I – for which we are presently awaiting – is for God to find a way for us to obtain a spousal visa for Marlene.

Marlene is presently back in Durban as under the new draconian immigration laws imposed upon us by the UK Government obtaining a spousal visa is very challenging.

I am reminded of Romans 4:18 which says:-

“Even when there was no reason for hope, Abraham kept hoping – believing that he would become the father of many nations. For God had said to him, ‘that’s how many descendants you will have’.

Abraham –  at the age of 100 – must have been infertile and Sarah – about 90 years old – was definitely well past child bearing age, yet God created a miracle and gave them a son, out of Sarah’s womb.

God is awesome; He is a God that can make the impossible possible!

Jesus said ‘Ask and it shall be given unto you’

But sometimes you need to remember that we have to be patient for our prayers to become answered. In the Bible, mention is often made that prophecies have taken many years to become a positive reality.

And, of course, when saying the Lord’s Prayer we repeat the words ‘Thy will be done’. Not my will, or your will, but God’s will!

During the past year, since I have come to know Jesus as my Saviour, I pray several times per day. Our home is now a House of Prayer. And I feel His presence growing deeper with every passing day.

And I know that God always hears my prayers and fulfils my spiritual needs. And I believe, I strongly believe, that He will give Marlene and I the BIG miracle for which we ask every day.

We must not look back – whatever we have done in the past is behind us. God has forgiven us all our sins, what He is only interested in is what we are going to be doing in the future.

Look at it this way. If God had meant us to be always looking backwards then He would have given us another set of eyes in the back of our head.

But since the only eyes we have are to be found on our face He must have only intended that we should look ahead!!

At the first Sunday Service where I heard Marlene preached, she included the hymn:-

Trust and Obey
For there’s no other way
To be happy with Jesus
But to trust and obey.

Are you ready to ‘Trust and Obey?’






Son of God – the Movie

Those of you who live in the US you should know that one of the most eagerly awaited movies of 2014 is the ‘Son of God’.

The ‘Son of God’ movie is launching in the US this coming Friday, February 28th. As yet I have received no updated information as to when it will be made available to UK Cinemas.

To give you an idea of how highly this movie is regarded I am quoting Rick Warren, who is the Senior Pastor of Saddleback Church and Author of the #1 NY Times Bestselling Book ‘A Purpose Driven Life’.

“I’ve probably seen most, if not all, of the films about Jesus produced in the past 50 years. This one stands alone, in a class by itself, as the best I’ve ever seen. Brilliantly produced with stunning cinematography, a Hans Zimmer score and academy-worthy acting, it stands head-and-shoulder above the rest.

Son of God draws you into the story from the start. Not since the release of “The Passion of The Christ” ten years ago have I been this excited about a movie…Son of God brings to the Big screen the Story of Jesus. Here we see the wonder of His birth, The power of His mission, The loving sacrifice of His death but most importantly, we see The Eternal Hope of His resurrection. I am thrilled that 20th century Fox are distributing this film and know it will be a blessing to millions when it opens in theaters all across America this Spring.”

For further information about this dynamic movie I would strongly recommend that you go to:-

There are many clips from the Movie and personal reflections from some of the people who have been invited to a preview of the ‘Son of God’ movie before its American launch this coming  Friday.

25% of Adults believe that Superman was a Biblical character

25% of adults believe that Superman is a character found in the Bible, a new survey commissioned by the Bible Society, has discovered.

The survey exposed a tremendous lack of religious knowledge and education within the UK.

And a quarter of the people completing this survey also thought that Harry Potter was a story from the Bible.

Almost three in ten people did not know the story of the Birth of Jesus and a similar number of children had never heard stories about Adam and Eve or even about Christ’s crucifixion on the cross.

A further 60% did not know about Jesus feeding the five thousand and more than half had no idea that Noah and his ark was a story from the Bible.

Astoundingly, 54% of parents thought that the well known film, The Hunger Games, was, or might be, a story from the Bible!!

The survey involved some 800 children and 1100 parents.

The Bible Society issued a statement saying ‘The Bible enriches life, and every child should have the opportunity to experience it’.

Obviously, much has changed during the sixty years since I first attended my Methodist Sunday School.

Although my parents were not overly religious they always insisted that every Sunday morning I went to Sunday School.

Even in my 67th year I still find the Bible a wealth of continued fascination – many of the stories in the Bible have enriched my life beyond measure!

The Life and Times of the Rev John Brown (1722-1787) – my new kindle book

My new Kindle Book – ‘The Life and Times of the Rev John Brown – will be freely available for you to download onto your Kindle from today until February 25th

I have been researching the life of John Brown for some months past. I first came across Brown when I acquired a very old copy of his book ‘The Self Interpreting Bible’ which he published in 1778. He interested me greatly and some 100+ pages and in excess of 20,000 words later I have managed to create a fairly comprehensive biography of Brown’s ministry during the 18th century. 

For many years until his passing in 1787 he was the Minister of St Marys Church, Haddington (in Scotland). He lived within the same time frame as John Wesley but although Wesley did travel through Haddington during his journeys to Scotland Brown and Wesley never appear to have met. 

Included in my new book are copies of some of the beautiful pictures that are included in Brown’s ‘Self Interpreting Bible’ 

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With many peaceful blessings


Strongholds – my new Kindle Book

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