Strongholds – my new Kindle Book

My new Kindle book – Strongholds – is now freely available for you to download until February 19th

People cry out for help because the world is now full of things that brings people into bondage. If you look around you, you will see that there is drug addiction on a massive scale. Drugs are taking control of the lives of innocent young people causing havoc in their lives and destroying family life.

Drug dealers are only interested in making money and are not interested in the life and soul of the drug addict or of their families. Greed for money, drug addictions, murder, rape, sexual and physical abuse, and all other forms of evil, poison our present day society, and draws them away from God.

Our world is full of sin, which is increasing at an alarming rate, day by day, and this gives Satan a stronghold in order to destroy lives. Love and peace have sadly taken a back seat. Many peoples’ souls are in tremendous turmoil.

Until Wednesday February 19th you may download a free copy of ‘Stronghold’ by clicking below:-

With many peaceful blessings



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