25% of Adults believe that Superman was a Biblical character

25% of adults believe that Superman is a character found in the Bible, a new survey commissioned by the Bible Society, has discovered.

The survey exposed a tremendous lack of religious knowledge and education within the UK.

And a quarter of the people completing this survey also thought that Harry Potter was a story from the Bible.

Almost three in ten people did not know the story of the Birth of Jesus and a similar number of children had never heard stories about Adam and Eve or even about Christ’s crucifixion on the cross.

A further 60% did not know about Jesus feeding the five thousand and more than half had no idea that Noah and his ark was a story from the Bible.

Astoundingly, 54% of parents thought that the well known film, The Hunger Games, was, or might be, a story from the Bible!!

The survey involved some 800 children and 1100 parents.

The Bible Society issued a statement saying ‘The Bible enriches life, and every child should have the opportunity to experience it’.

Obviously, much has changed during the sixty years since I first attended my Methodist Sunday School.

Although my parents were not overly religious they always insisted that every Sunday morning I went to Sunday School.

Even in my 67th year I still find the Bible a wealth of continued fascination – many of the stories in the Bible have enriched my life beyond measure!

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