In his pride, Moses lost his temper and was kept out of the Promised Land
(Num 20: 1-13)

Pride kept Joshua from seeking God’s will at Ai, and he lost the battle
(Josh 7)

King Nebuchadnezzar’s pride turned him into an animal
(Dan 4)

And Peter’s pride led to his denial of Christ
(Luke 22: 31-34)

“No matter how dear you are to God,” said Charles Spurgeon, “if pride is harboured in your spirit.
He will whip it out of you. They that go up in their own estimation must come down again by His discipline”.

And I am sure that you will have heard that ‘Pride goes before a fall!’

When praying, humble yourself before our Father God, and ask him to ‘whip’ any pride you may have out of you!


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