Theological Thought for the Day

A man was invited to lunch with a friend of his, who was a Minister.

After the meal the two of them went into the Minister’s large study room-cum-office, in which hundreds of books were displayed around the room.

“Almost all of them are on theology,” said the Minister.

“And do you mean to say you have read them all?” the visitor asked.

“Yes – and many more.”

“And after reading so many learned works, what would you say that the Christian religion really is?”

The Minister did not hesitate before replying, “Loving God for all you are worth, and being a good neighbour”.

And I guess that’s all to be said!

When all theology is reduced to the bare bones, so to speak, all religion is fundamentally two things only:-

* Belief in some power other than ourselves


* Doing good whenever we can




One thought on “Theological Thought for the Day

  1. Beyond faith lies trust through experience that there is in fact something much greater than these bodies beckoning us to acknowledge its existence. And through love, absolute love, are we compelled to seek that voice calling out to us and then, to love others as we are so loved.

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