Our Father God Loves to Hear Your Prayers

I recently heard about a lady who is slowly recovering from a very serious illness.

She admitted that during the past few years, whilst she has been so very ill, that she had become embittered and very miserable because she thought that she had no hope of ever being well again.

There came, however, a sudden realisation to her that there were many other people suffering too – and having to fight even harder battles than she.

And from that day and hour she began praying; not for herself, but for people she knew, asking God to strengthen and comfort them.

Ever since she began praying for others, she began to make good progress in feeling healthier herself – and she is now feeling much much happier and content than the days before she had begun to experience pain!

If you too think of – and pray for – others who are less fortunate than yourself, you will know the deep peace that passeth all understanding.

And our Father God loves to hear your prayers – especially if they are unselfish and ask for His blessings to be bestowed upon people who are, for whatever reason, unable to ask for themselves!


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