Abraham Lincoln

When Abraham Lincoln was a young lawyer he was once out riding on horseback with some fellow lawyers. At one point, on a woodland Road, they noticed a baby bird which had fallen from the nest and lay fluttering at the wayside.

After they had gone a short distance Lincoln stopped, turned back and said, “Wait for me, I shan’t be a moment.”

His friends watched as Lincoln went back to the bird, picked it up, and placed it back in the nest.

“Why did you bother to do that?” asked one of his companions.

“I can only say this,” replied Lincoln. “I feel better for doing it. I could not have slept tonight if I had thought that I had left that helpless creature on the road to die.”

It is no surprise then that he was called the American Great-heart. And he displayed the same amount of wonderful compassion throughout the rest of his life, especially when he became president of the USA.


With many peaceful blessings

Geoffrey Keyte


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