Are You Happy?

Are you a normally happy person? Or, should I perhaps say: ‘Have you found out how to be happy?’ 

There was a self-righteous man who took stock of himself and discovered that he was far from happy, although happiness was the sole object of all his endeavours. He was forever trying to be happy – so he sought the help of a great philosopher to find out why he was not as happy as he felt he deserved to be. 

The Sage, whose face was wrinkled but whose eyes glowed with the spark of wisdom, asked, “What have you been doing?” 

“I have always done the right things. I learned to do them long ago. I have never taken unfair advantage of anyone, I have always been honest. I have never violated the moral code; I help those in need and visit the sick and have donated liberally to worthy causes.” 

“Why did you do these things?” said the sage. 

“Because I expected them to make me happy but I am getting tired now when I receive no reward”. 

“”Oh”, said the great philosopher, “There is something you have yet to learn. It is not enough just to do the right things. If you would be happy, my friend, you must learn to enjoy doing the right things…..” 

Do you agree?”

Do you enjoy doing the ‘right thing?’

Are you truly happy?


With many peaceful blessings



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