The Trouble Tree

An electrician was having an especially irritating day at work.

A flat battery had made him over an hour late reaching his workplace, his power tools were faulty and later, when it was time for him to go home, his van refused to start – again. So his boss drove him home.

His boss looked rather puzzled, after they had arrived at his home, because as the electrician walked up the pathway towards his house, he paused briefly beside a miniature tree and touched the tips of all the branches with both hands.

Sensing the curiosity of his boss, the electrician turned and explained:-

“Oh, that’s my Trouble Tree. I know I can’t help having problems at work but they have no place at home so I hang them up on my tree each evening. Then in the morning I can pick them up again.”

“Do you know,” the electrician continued, “there often aren’t as many problems there as I thought the next morning?”


With many peaceful blessings



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