The Galloway Shepherd

Les Nichol was the last in a long line of Galloway Shepherds in Scotland.

He lived and worked on the Scottish Border hills all his days, tending to his sheep.

Les once spoke at the time of lambing:-

“It was fine if you were ‘in by’ and had a shed to take the sheep into overnight, but if you were out on the hills I just had to turn my collar up and pull my cap down and spend the night with my sheep.’

Didn’t you get bored, Les was asked. He ridiculed the very idea. It would be a very poor man, he insisted, who didn’t have enough in his head to think about for a night or two.

“And if ever I ran out of things to talk to myself about”, Les said, “well, that’s when I listened while the Lord did the talking.”

The greatest shepherd of all eventually called Les home.

One cared for humble sheep, the other cares for humble humans. I guess that they must have lots to discuss together!


With many peaceful blessings



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