There is a lovely children’s story about a sad little squirrel who had lost her bounce. She moped around the forest floor, until her friend, rabbit, noticed.

“What’s wrong?” Rabbit asked.

“I’m so unhappy, ” Squirrel replied, “I can’t hop like you, I can’t tunnel like Mole, and I can’t swim like Otter. I can’t do anything and I’m no use to anyone.” She hid her head and cried.

“But, Squirrel,” cried Rabbit. “You have such a beautiful tail! We all love watching you dancing along with it flying gracefully behind you.”

Squirrel looked at her reflection in the pond and realised that Rabbit was right. She cheered up immediately.

“Oh, Rabbit,” she beamed, “Thank you for making me realise that there is something special about me after all!” And she scampered off happily through the forest, displaying her fluffy tail behind her.

Although this a charming children’s story, it is a story from which we can all learn.

We all have something special about us, and we must constantly remind ourselves of this.

Even more importantly, we must be like Rabbit, and notice and appreciate other people’s good points


With many peaceful blessings



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