Thoughts For The Weak

Rev Preben Andersen is the Minister for the Caldicot Methodist Church in Gwent.

Preben writes a monthly column for his local Free Press newspaper and this is is latest words of monthly wisdom:-

“As I sit here writing this, and while doing so have gone off-line for a moment, rarely have I felt better! Why? It’s like this:

Switching on my laptop this morning after a whole day off from any kind of technology (Monday being my wife, Margaret’s, and my day off together), I went back on to find two days’ worth of e-mails, PLUS umpteen documents to be printed, and replies to make by pressing the Reply button. Only, today, 1) the printer refuses to work and 2) the Reply button on the laptop only works sometimes. So – I have spent much of the morning writing out – in hand – what I would normally just print. And you know what: I have rarely enjoyed myself more!

By writing something out slowly and carefully, prayerfully even, I have time to think as I write, and I can tell you that two of the manuscripts I have just dotted down are from people who e-mailed me about their loved ones in connection with funerals I am taking over the next couple of weeks. And by writing down what they have already printed I can put myself in their situations much better than by simply pressing a printer button, and hopefully on the day I may deliver a much more personal Tribute on their behalf because of it.

So, whereas in the not so distant past I would have blown my top if my technology did not work, not so today. I am actually relishing the opportunity to go back to pen and paper and may do so much more in future, but perhaps not to the extent of getting rid of the printer? It may see itself right soon? Pigs may fly…

There is a lesson in all this. Give time, take time, and make the best of that time. Try and think before you press that button. Life is all too easy today, and it does us good to be reminded sometimes how we managed before all the “wizardry”. You need only think of The Bible, the greatest Book of Good News there is, often carefully written by hand during years of preparation, by devoted and prayerful people, and long before the first printing press was even thought about.

Right, back to pen and paper before I e-mail the editor (assuming the e-mail works of course!)”.


With many peaceful blessings



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