The Gold Garland

There is a very interesting story of a king of England who once went to a Sunday class. In his left hand he had a garland of gold and in the right he held a Bible.

The gold garland was very, very attractive. The king asked one of the students ‘Which of these two would you like to have?’

Naturally the boy opted for the gold garland.

When the same question was asked of the next boy, who was looking poor and in rags, he said that he wished for the Bible.

To the great surprise of the king, he said ‘My motherhas taught me that the Bible is the greatest treasure in the world. Therefore,
please, your Majesty, I shall be happy if you present me the Bible’.

The king gave the two boys the gifts that they requested.

When the boy, who had received the Bible, reverently opened the Word of God, he was surprised to find in each page of the Book, a plate of Gold!

The boy was taken aback.

The king spoke to him saying, ‘Son, since you preferred the Bible, to the precious looking garland, you have received a prize of greater value than the glittering gold-garland.’


And that, as the boy in the story found, is the absolute truth.

If we are only interested in the gold of the material world we may indeed miss the more heavenly gifts and offerings which are ours for the mere asking.

And when we pray – and are filled with the Holy Spirit – the spirit of truth will help us to understand whether what we are requesting has the approval of our Father God.


With many peaceful blessings



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