The Young Woman Buddhist

In their popular and instructive book – The Holy Spirit and You – Dennis and Rita Bennett tell the story of a Japanese war bride who came to this country following World War 2.

The couple were very happy but the young woman, a Buddhist, resisted her husband’s Christian faith,

However, she did attend services with him, where she would pray her Buddhist prayers.

As the couple knelt at the altar one evening, a woman kneeling beside them began to pray aloud in tongues. Suddenly the Japanese bride seized her husband’s arm.

“Listen!” she whispered in excitement. “This woman speaks to me in Japanese! She say to me: ‘You have tried Buddha and he does you no good; why don’t you try Jesus Christ?

She does not speak to me in ordinary Japanese, she speaks temple Japanese and she used my whole Japanese name, which no one in this country knows!”

It is not surprising that the young lady soon became a Christian!

Have you heard people speak in tongues? Or seen people healed through the Holy Spirit? It is a very powerful experience!


With many peaceful blessings




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