The Coin

There is a memorable story about Henry Ford, the American car manufacturer, famous for his mass-produced Model T.

He was out walking with his grandson one day when the boy picked up a coin from the path, looked at it and then threw it down again, remarking that it wasn’t worth much.

“Wait a minute,” said Ford, and he took a dollar bill from his wallet. “This paper money may seem or more value, but in some circumstances the coin is of much more worth. For instance, I can use the coin to prise open a bottle cap, I can use it to turn a screw if I am without a screwdriver, or I can place it underneath a table leg to level the table.”

Ford’s grandson learned an important lesson that day – never to write off something as being worthless.

This lesson can apply to so many things: the smile and greeting that can develop into a lasting friendship; the decision to take up a new hobby than can lead to all sorts of possibilities; the impulse to step out in an entirely new direction.

All things which at the time may seem quite unimportant, but which are later found to have an important influence on our lives.


With many peaceful blessings



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