Against All The Odds

Kevin hadn’t had much of a life.

Various agencies had tried to help, but he drifted through the bleak and barren days and fell in with a bad crowd. On his 16th birthday he was charged with various offences and it looked as if he was going to be destined to waste his youthful years in prison.

He might indeed have done so had it not been for Paddy.

Hearing about Kevin’s past experiences and present circumstances, Paddy, a gruff and unconventional man, offered him a place in his country workshop.

Kevin, who had known an adult he could trust, took time to settle and show commitment, but Paddy’s genuine concern and patient encouragement eventually won his confidence. There is hope reflected in Kevin’s eyes now and he walks tall. There is now a real purpose in Kevin’s life.

Maybe you wonder why Paddy bothered and how he ad managed to succeed with Kevin where others had failed!

Well, Paddy too had known rejection, apathy and despair.

He also went off the rails as a teenager. He trod a rough pathway, but, having managed to succeed himself against all the odds, he now tries to reach out to others.

Being a very modest man, he thinks little of it but to Kevin he is a hero.


With many peaceful blessings



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