Praying Every Day

The Bible tells us we should “pray continually” (1 Thessalonians 5:17). Unfortunately, for many of us, a few minutes spent in prayer feels like forever.

Why do we struggle so much with prayer when we know how vital it is to our relationship with God?

We certainly don’t lack information about how to pray. Christian bookstores are packed with books that explain in great detail the various methods of prayer. But perhaps we need to also direct our attention to our motivation, our attitude, in prayer?

Of all the ingredients in discipleship, the area many of us struggle with most is prayer.

According to one recently published estimate, a typical Christian layman spends about three and a half minutes each day in prayer. Full-time Christian workers average about seven minutes per day.

This pitiful situation must amaze even the Lord Himself, for Isaiah 59:16 records that when no one was found to intercede for His people, God was appalled.

Why do we fail to take full advantage of the privilege of prayer? Is it a lack of discipline? Are we too busy? Are we unmotivated?

What things make it difficult for you to spend quality time in prayer?

Too busy or tired

Can’t concentrate

Don’t know what to pray about

Don’t feel like it

Feel guilty

Not convinced it makes a difference

Perhaps the basic cause of our weakness in prayer relates to how we view God?

We may have no genuine awe for the One “who stretched out the heavens and laid the foundations of the earth” (Isaiah 51:13).

God often seems to many people more like a superhero from a child’s cartoon, whittled down to human size.

If we aren’t captivated by God, prayer is a tedious task. It becomes a discipline that only those with wills of steel can master.

My wife and I pray several times a day. Our morning prayer can easily encompass 15-20 minutes (sometimes more).

And from our experience our Father God seems to like our prayers because in many instances he has benevolently granted our petitions. And on several notable occasions He has provided us with miracles.

For God is often able to make the seemingly impossible become possible!

Sometimes, of course, He knows, in His infinite wisdom, that our prayer requests are not being made at the right time. We must remember that in the Lord’s Prayer we say ‘Thy will be done!’

And we have personally found that God is always right; even if, in our mortal vision, we cannot always understand why some of our requests have become delayed.

Do you pray every day? And if not, why not? Our Father God is always so very pleased to hear from you and will always do His very best to grant your prayer requests if it is in your best interests for Him so to do!


With many peaceful blessings



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