The Jigsaw Of Life

E v e r yt h i n g I Needed to Know about Life I Learnt from a Jigsaw Puzzle
• Don’t force a fit – if something is meant
to be, it will come together naturally.

• When things aren’t going too well,
take a break. Everything will look
different when you return.

• Be sure to look at the big picture.
Getting hung up on the little pieces
only leads to frustration.

• Perseverance pays off. Every
important puzzle went together bit by
bit, piece by piece.

• When one spot stops working, move
to another. Be sure to come back

The creator of the puzzle gave you
the picture as a guidebook. Refer to
the Creator’s guidebook often.

• Variety is the spice of life. It’s the
different colours and patterns that
make the puzzle interesting.

• Working together with friends and
family makes any task fun.

• Establish the border first. Boundaries
give a sense of security and order.

• Don’t be afraid to try different
combinations. Some matches are

• Take time often to celebrate your
successes (even little ones).

• Anything worth doing takes time and
effort. A great puzzle can’t be rushed.

• When you finally reach the last piece,
don’t be sad. Rejoice in the
masterpiece you’ve made and enjoy a
well-deserved rest.


With many peaceful blessings




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