It’s About Time

(A remarkable piece written by Revd Reg Dean, from Derbyshire, just before his 110th birthday, and shortly before he died.)

I am going to speak about time. The time of decision.

The time of thinking of the gracious things I know and the peace l have learned as I sit in my lonely room.

I think of all of the time when all of my friends have been to see me, and still come. May they live in happiness and joy.

I sit in my room and think of the time and joy when, we shall all meet again in the heavens of justice and peace; and, though I am
growing old I am not afraid to go.

I have so much to be thankful for, and I have had time to think on all these things.

I am learning who I am, why I am here, where I am going – and I am glad that the hour is now near, the day is closing, the fretful life is over.

And I look forward to the time when I must close the book and search for the key of happiness that will open the gate for me.

I approach that time of joy with gladness and peace – the time when I hear the voice calling to me as I open the gate, “Who goes there?” and I shall cheerfully cry, “A friend,” and he will reply, “Enter and join my fellowship, Thomas Reginald Dean.”


With Many Peaceful Blessings




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