The Journey

Fred and Hilda were given good advice, but they ignored it. They thought they knew better. Confidently, they drove off in their car
without a map or any navigation system.

Fred said he knew the way, and Hilda didn’t pack any food or drink, assuming these could be bought later.

As night fell the weather turned inclement and Fred confessed they were lost. The car ran out of fuel and they stopped in a damp  and deserted place. Without a mobile phone between them they were stranded. Their journey had been a big mistake and they didn’t know what to do.

Suddenly, a large van appeared and parked beside them. The driver stepped out, smiled and offered his assistance. He gave them
something to eat, checked the car engine, put in petrol. Soon, Fred and Hilda’s car was roadworthy once more.

This friendly man never once reprimanded Fred and Hilda for their lack of foresight.

Instead, he made them feel at ease, safe and secure. “Where do we go from here?” asked Fred. The man smiled, “Come, my friends.
I’m taking you home.”

Our lives are like a journey. Sometimes, we may think we can get along without God. We may try to ignore his guidance. In our quest
for independence we may lose our way and then have to admit our mistakes and confess our failings.

Sometimes our trouble and pain can be caused by our own deliberate fault and in our  hopeless condition we need someone
greater than ourselves to come to our aid.

When Jesus draws alongside us the situation changes. He doesn’t condemn us. He comes to save us. Jesus is the only one who can
enter our lives to put things right. Jesus says to each one of us, “Come, follow Me. I’m taking you to My Home.”
Lester Amann


With many peaceful blessings



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