It’s The Thought That Counts

My dearest, sweetest Grandma
How very kind you are
When it comes to choosing Christmas gifts
You’re way out front by far.

You choose each one most carefully
To not patronise or offend
And each is chosen thoughtfully
Not about how much you spend.

No TV games or stereo
As I really know you fear
Those noises can be dangerous
And damaging to the ear.

You took that hard decision
Not to buy me a gold watch
As clashing with sterling silver
Would have just looked so

Thank goodness it wasn’t a BlackBerry
This year for me you picked
As I could have been like Harry’s pal
And had my present nicked!

And who needs M&S vouchers —
I speak the national voice
We’d be stuck in that shop for hours
Trying to make a choice!

So, thank you, dearest Grandma
For your festive Christmas box
With your ultra-considerate
present —
A sensible pair of socks!
Sheila Webb


With many peaceful blessings



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