The Empty Chair

You look across at the empty chair
In vain for the one who Isn’t there,
No shared comments to make you smile,
Just being together made life worthwhile.

‘Time will heal,’ or so they say,
Just don’t tell me that today.
No card to come on your special day,
No words to speed you on your way,
No one to bring the cup that cheers,
No one to soothe and calm your fears,
Only memories of bygone years.

The simple things are what you miss
The loving hug, the goodnight kiss,
The opening door — the words ‘I’m back’,
The coat still hanging on the rack.

The hopes and plans we made together
We thought they would go on for ever
Are just a dream for now and ever.
The house is empty, cold, austere,
You open doors and no one’s there.

‘How could they do this, how could they leave,
Abandon you to cry and grieve?’
Then a little hand slips into mine
And says: ‘Don’t cry, you will be fine.’

For love abounds and through your tears
The sun comes out to quell your fears.
The love of family and true friends
Will see you through and make amends.

And then the world begins to sing
As you recall the precious things
You held so dear, when you were two
Saying ‘you can start anew’.

So now when I see the empty chair
In my mind, you’re always there.

( Kathleen Smith)


With many peaceful blessings




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