Old Maggie lived on the shores of Lochiel on a croft along with a few hens, a few sheep and a cow named Daisy.

Maggie did bed and breakfast in the summer months to help with the expenses. She was a Christian and went to Church every Sunday if she could. The church building was used every Sunday by four different denominations. She loved the fourth Sunday service the best when her own
minister, a young man who was very sincere and a great believer in the power of prayer took the service.

One day her cow, Daisy, took ill and she was greatly troubled and sent for the minister.

The minister’s wife said that he would come to her as soon as he possibly could. He caught the 1.30pm train and then walked three miles to her croft. After a cup of tea and a chat Maggie asked him would he come to see Daisy and pray for her. He wasn’t to keen to pray for a cow but felt he could do no other. The minister put his hand on Daisy’s head and said, ‘you poor old beast, you do look bad, your poor old missus is so sad to
see you like this, so may the good Lord spare you to her for a good while yet’ Daisy recovered and Maggie sang the praises of her minister and of the power of prayer for a long time afterwards.

One Sunday later her minister was ill with an abscess in his throat. Maggie was so worried that she phoned the Manse to see if she could visit the minister. Next morning she did all her jobs quickly and did some baking. She hung an old tyre over the gate to indicate to any passing neighbour that she wanted a lift into town.

With her bag packed with eggs, a pot of jam, and her own baking, she put on her coat and hat and sat down waiting for a lift. At last she heard a motor horn honking at her gate so she got a lift into town.

At the door of the Manse she was welcomed by the minister’s wife and given a cup of tea, then she was taken in to see the minister. Very
solemnly she put her hand on the minister’s head and said ‘you poor old beast you look so bad, your poor old missus is so sad to see you like this, so may the good Lord spare you to her for a good while yet’. Amen.

The minister and his wife laughed so much that the abscess burst and the crisis was over for him, and it was the result of old


With many peaceful blessings




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