Christ In Us?

As we travel life’s road on the way to God
Do we walk in the steps our Saviour trod?
Showing love and care to those we meet in
shops or bus or busy street.

With downcast heads some hurry past
Have they a trouble? How long will it last?
Their minds taken up by care and strife
Don’t they know of the Saviour who will give them Life?

Do they think at all of prayer to Him or
is He just a shadow that’s grown dim
Can we show the light to those we pass
r are we too engrossed in our own past.

Forgive us Lord if we turn away, when a word, a
thought, could brighten their day
Just to say “The Lord is near to hear your prayer,
To ease your pain or lift your care”

O guide us Lord that we may be
A light that shines only for Thee.


With many peaceful blessings



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