Expecting A Baby

The Advent season can make you wonder: how did Mary feel when she was expecting her first child? The huge responsibility of knowing that the Saviour of the universe was growing inside her and that it was her job to keep him safe, alive and kicking!
Those of us who have had children will remember the great expectation we felt; and how we did everything possible to keep ourselves healthy so that nothing hindered the development of the baby within us.
Expectant mothers regular health checks, keep an eye on weight gain, blood pressure and any other health issues. They can also often sit talking to their ‘bump’, dreaming of what their baby will one day become.
This advent, let’s make it our prayer that Christ will continue to grow in our hearts unhindered in any way. May the seed of his spirit planted in us grow, watered by his word, to bear much fruit of righteousness.
May God grant us the grace to avoid and remove from our lives anything that may taint damage or corrupt the precious seed of faith that grows within us. May our lives be regularly checked against, and found in tune with his holy Word.
May we always walk in step with you, Jesus. May your Holy Spirit and your precious Word always be the fresh air we breathe.
In Jesus name



With many peaceful blessings



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