Shoeboxes in Plymouth

Thousands of churches are involved in sending shoeboxes abroad, and lots do in our cities.  But Angie Beaumont had the vision to do it for the needy families of the cities, here in the UK.  It has borne great fruit so far.

Angie says:-

Shoeboxes in Plymouth

HISTORY:     Having been involved in Operation Christmas Child, sending shoeboxes to disadvantaged children abroad for some time, I also became aware of the growing need to provide Shoeboxes as Christmas presents for disadvantaged children in Plymouth a few years ago.

WHAT  WE  DO:  Since 2010, we have been able to supply The Foodbank with up to 60 boxes at Christmastime for needy children in the city, to be given out at their discretion. We’ve been thrilled to hear testimonies of how they’ve touched families’ lives, even sometimes being the only gift a child might receive

HOW  YOU  COULD  HELP  (& Contact Details):  The contents of each box are very different to those which are sent abroad and with the money which has been so generously given, I have been able to fill the boxes with an array of gifts suited to local  childrens’ tastes.

Angie Beaumont

If you would like more information, phone Terry Higgins on 01752 262 600, and he will put you in touch with Angie Beaumont.


With many peaceful blessings



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