A Fishy Story – with a Moral

It was beautiful hot day and wee Jimmy was down at the River Clyde. He was sitting under at tree just fishing. A man in a white suit and hat walked by and asked “How is the fishing going today – have you caught anything?”

“I’ve got seven already” replied Jimmy, “but I’ve just put them back into the river”

“That is a bit silly”, said the man “you could have sold them.” “Why would I want to do that?” quizzed wee Jimmy

“Well you could have made a few quid profit and bought a bigger and better and stronger Fishing rod to catch lots more fish”

“Why would I want to do that?” quizzed wee Jimmy again

“Well more fish would mean more profit, and you could buy your own fish and chip van and make lots of money”

“But I like being under my tree, just fishing. It makes me happy”

“But” said the agitated stranger, “do you not see that if you had a big van you would make loads of money?.”

“And then what would I do with all that money?”

“Well” snapped the stranger “if you worked hard you could have enough money to open your own Fish and Chip restaurant”

“And then what?” asked Jimmy

“Well, you could be so rich you could go fishing any time you wanted”.

“But that is what I am doing today” said Jimmy.


With many peaceful blessings



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