Forgiveness is the bridge to love, peace, happiness and well being.

It allows us to say good-bye to guilt, blame and shame. It purifies the heart and soul and puts us in touch with all that is sacred.

Through forgiveness, we connect with that which is greater than ourselves and become the person God intended us to be.

The key to forgiveness is the willingness to make the effort. How long it takes depends on your belief system.

If you think it can’t be done, it won’t happen. If you believe it will take years, that will be your experience.

But if you are willing to believe that it can be done in an instant, that is all it will take.


The Stepping Stones to Forgiveness

  1. Be open to the possibility of changing your beliefs about forgiveness  and recognize that forgiveness is an act of strength, not weakness.
  1. Be willing to let go of being a Choose to believe that holding on to grievances and unforgiving thoughts is choosing to suffer. Find no value in self-pity.
  1. Remind yourself that your anger and judgments can’t change the past or punish someone else, but they can hurt. The events of the past cannot hurt you now, but your thoughts about the past can cause you immense distress and pain. Recognize that any emotional pain you feel this moment is caused only by your own thoughts.
  1. See the value of giving up, not some, but all of your It is no coincidence that the happiest people are those who choose not to judge and know the value of forgiveness.
  1. Recognize that holding on to anger will not bring you what your truly want. Ask yourself this question, “Does holding on to my justified anger really bring me peace of mind?” Anger and peace; judgment and happiness do not occur at the same time.
  1. See that there is no value in punishing yourself. Once you truly recognize that your angry, unhappy thoughts about the past are poisoning your life, you will embrace forgiveness and know the meaning of love.
  1. Believe that forgiveness means giving up all hope for a better past! Accept your past, forgive your past, and embrace the present and future with hope! There is no law forcing you to remain a victim of the past.
  1. Choose to be happy rather than When we stop trying to control others and focus instead on our own thoughts, we give ourselves the gift of freedom and peace.
  1. Believe that you have the power to choose the thoughts you put into your mind. Perhaps the greatest gift we have been given is the power to choose loving thoughts rather than angry ones. Your mind is not a dumpster that will remain unaffected by the trash you put into it. Treat it like a garden and it will blossom.
  1. Be willing to make peace of mind your only goal and believe that forgiveness is the key to happiness.Regardless of the chaos around us, we can know peace if that is our single goal. Choose not to let outside circumstances or people decide whether you will be happy. Anger, judgments and unforgiving thoughts make suffer, and releasing them brings us joy.

It truly is that simple!


With many peaceful blessings


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