There is Power in the Word of God

My sister-in-law, Angelene Jacob, is a prolific writer and I have created several kindle books from the various writings which she has sent to me.

Today, I want to share with you Angelene’s There is Power in the Word of God.

The Word of God – the Bible – has great power. There is  Power in the Word of God will provide you with many wonderful truths, from which you will greatly benefit if you take the time to inwardly digest and use His Words – The Word of God – in your daily life.

There is Power in the Word of God (Kindle edition) costs only £1.99 and may be downloaded from:-

This book is not intended as a replacement for your normal Bible study, rather it simply highlights certain Biblical passages which have great Power as you speak them – and read them.

Few of the Bible texts quoted in this book actually stand alone. Our intention is not for you to bypass reading the Bible on a daily basis.

Please take your time and look up each relevant text in your Bible (whichever version you may use) and be sure to read the scriptures before and after the texts mentioned in this book.

Most of the Bible Texts in this book come from the King James Version but very similar writings – even if slightly different Words are used – will be contained within all Bibles.

If you have a Kindle I would greatly encourage you to download Angelene’s book and to set aside some time each day to read a few of the Biblical texts in There is Power in the Word of God. In so doing you will be mightily energised and receive great comfort and inner strength.

May God add His blessing to each one of His words……………………..

God Bless



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