The Living Christ

“Not merely in the words you say,
Not only in the deeds confessed,
But in the most unconscious way
Is Christ expressed.

Is it a very saintly smile?
A holy light upon your brow?
Oh, no! I felt His presence, while
You laughed just now.

For me, ’twas not the truth you taught,
To you so clear, to me so dim;
But when you came, you straightway brought
A sense of Him.

So from your life He beckons me,
And from your heart His love is shed,
Till I lose sight of you and me
The Christ instead”

What a wonderful and profound poem.

I have no idea who actually penned the words of this poem. I found it in a book by C A Joyce’

Those of you who are, how shall I say, fairly advanced in years may well remember the short talks given by C A Joyce on the old Home Service radio programmes.

I most certainly recall the talks given on a weekly basis by C A Joyce. I didn’t realise, however, that he was very much a Christian as many of his talks involved churches, Ministers and thought provoking theology.


With many peaceful blessings



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