Great-Aunt Susan is coming to Tea

“Goodness gracious”, said Mother to me. “Great-Aunt Susan is coming to tea.”
And all the morning of yesterday, Mother was putting the muddles away.
Making her bedroom like a new pin (as though nobody had ever stepped in).
And most of yesterday afternoon she was trying to find her silver spoon;
And on and off as she set the tea, “Wash yourself well,” called Mother to me.
“Scrub your finger-nails one by one.” And I washed my ears – and I needn’t have done.
And nor I needn’t have scrubbed my thumb, for Great-Aunt Susan – she din’t come!

But she’s coming today, if it doesn’t rain, so all of me’s got to be washed again.
I don’t know who wrote this poem – I found it in the writings of C A Joyce, a well known broadcaster many years ago.

But I am sure that it contains truisms with which many of you will identify.


With many peaceful blessings



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