What Prayer Can Do: A Detour for Grandmother

She didn’t want to miss seeing the wagon train reenactment with her kids, but something told her to visit her grandmother.

By Deanne Schultz, Cleveland, Wisconsin

Wisconsin was going all out for its hundred-fiftieth anniversary. It had organized a whole series of historical reenactments, including a two-week wagon train that would pass right by my house. My kids had been studying the history for weeks to be ready for it. They couldn’t wait.

I’d gotten up early to get my errands done, but I’d have to hurry to be home in time. The parking lot at Walmart was crowded. It took forever to get out. Then, just as I reached the exit, I had a sudden thought: Go visit Grandma.

Impossible. My grandmother lived in a nursing home on the other side of town, totally out of my way. I’d never have time to drive over, see her and get home before the procession.

Visit Grandma. The thought got stronger. It’d been a couple of weeks since I’d seen her. But the wagons would only come by today! Back and forth I went in my mind. But in the end I made the turn to see Grandma.

At the nursing home, attendants were setting chairs out on the lawn. I learned that the wagon train was coming right by the home. A lot of the residents were coming out to watch.

Up in her room, I asked Grandma if she’d like to watch too. I helped her into a jacket and we went down to the lawn together. Everyone cheered as the procession went by: horses and covered wagons, ladies in ruffled dresses and bonnets. Nobody enjoyed it more than Grandma. Her face lit up as soon as the wagons appeared.

Later, as I hugged her goodbye, she said, “I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to watch the wagon train.” The staff had been so busy setting things up, she didn’t want them to have to bother getting her settled outside. Everyone else seemed to have someone to sit with and she was on her own.

“I prayed that if God wanted me to go he would send someone to get me out there. You were that person!”

Visiting Grandma had been the right thing, even if it meant choosing to miss watching the wagons with my kids. But it turned out I didn’t have to choose. Despite my detour, I was home with minutes to spare.


With many peaceful blessings


On the Lighter Side

Definitely on the Lighter Side of Life, I had a chuckle when I heard this story:-

A teacher asked his pupils to make a list of the eleven greatest men in the world.

As his class was busy on compiling their lists, the teacher observed that one member of his class, Adrian, was looking very serious.

“Have you finished?” the teacher inquired gently.

“No Sir, Adrian replied, “I’m trying to decide on the goalkeeper!”


With many peaceful blessings


A Short Prayer For Today

This short – but extremely profound – prayer is one which would greatly benefit us all by praying every morning as we wake up, and then practising what we are praying during the rest of our day.

And the prayer runs thus:-

“Our Father God, if we are wrong, make us willing to change; and when we are right make us easy to live with.”

Yours prayerfully


How God Confirms His Inner Voice To You:- Isaiah 30: 19-21

Today’s Biblical Word Search, created by my wife, Marlene, is taken from Isaiah 30: 19-21 – How God Confirms His Inner Voice To You.

To freely download this new word search please visit:-


Happy Word Searching

With many peaceful blessings



My message today is very short – but VERY profound and it goes like this:-

If only everything were just what everything should be,
This world would be a pleasant place; the very place for you and me.
But, life, somehow, from our ideal is very far,
Our daily test should be – to make the best of things as they are!!

Remember – if you think you are beaten you are but if you can find the courage to meet your problems head on – who knows what wondrous things you might achieve?

With many positive blessings



In The Shadow of Victory:- Ride the Rollercoaster of Holy Week

Now that we are approaching Easter – and all that that means to Christians throughout the world – I would strongly recommend that if you have a kindle you download a copy of the wonderfully inspirational book ‘In The Shadows of Victory:- Ride the Rollercoaster of Holy Week’ by Deacon Becky Lovatt.

Becky has created an interactive book, featuring stories from the viewpoint of many of the people that in some ways were involved in the last few days of Jesus’ journey towards the Cross.

For further information and to download this marvellous book for only £1.99 please go to:-


To wet your appetite so to speak this is the first chapter:-

                          Dangerous Day 

We now begin the journey, remembering that already we stand with Jesus Christ our Saviour in the shadow of the cross, remembering that for him, it was a very dangerous day.

Jesus knew exactly what he was doing mounting the donkey at Bethpage, as this was where the priests had calculated the city limits. For Jesus to mount here was a statement that spoke volumes to all that were there. It was, in effect, as if He was shouting from the rooftops that He was the Messiah.

Now, position yourself at the side of the road, having first run and chopped down a palm branch that you are waving frantically.

Picture if you can the Roman army standing there, thousands of them, making it very clear that you are part of an occupied people. Look up at the temple on the hill, and look beyond it. There overshadowing the holy place is the fist shaped Roman fortress. Built purposely taller than the temple just to remind you who was in charge.

Listen to the crowd hailing him as their King. But He does not come on a war horse, only a humble donkey. And He does not come with swords and clubs; He is armed only with God’s words of peace and love.

Wave your branches, as they are the national symbol of your people. Wave them at the coming Messiah, showing your defiance to the Romans, believing that this Jesus would send them packing once and for all.

Jesus knew that for Him, it was a very dangerous day.

Picture the children laughing and playing around your feet. In your fear, you push them forward. Somehow this fear is always lurking beneath your joy; your fear of the Roman soldiers and the power they hold over you.

The children – they are young, surely these soldiers wouldn’t launch an attack against them, no matter how unruly the crowd become. Push them forward, put them between you and the soldiers, not because you do not love your children, but because you fear for your own safety.

Jesus knew that for Him, it was a very dangerous day.

Sing your hosannas, not just a song of happiness, but also a song of rebellion, a song that speaks of freedom, and of victory over your enemies. Stand tall in the face of those who persecute you. Hold firm, ready to take up arms and fight, ready to rally around this new king and take back, by force if you have to, your land, and your home.

Jesus knew that for Him, it was a very dangerous day.


With many peaceful blessings


If Harsh Misfortune

These are very true words, written by good friend Anonymous:-

If harsh misfortune knocks you hard,
And keeps on hitting you,
Maybe you’ll come to feel, somehow,
There’s nothing you can do.

Maybe you’ll think it’s just no use
To keep on keeping on-
Your number’s up, your luck is out,
It’s time that you were gone.

But those who plod the uphill way
Win through to happiness ONE day.


With many peaceful blessings