The ‘Parable’ of the Rope

As the congregation of St Machar’s Cathedral, Aberdeen, entered the church, they saw a short coil of new rope hanging just inside the door, and beside it a notice with one word on it – “Remember”.

No wonder there were some puzzled faces in the pews that morning, for what on earth could a length of rope have to do with them – and what did they have to remember?

Then the minister explained. It seems that he’d heard a rope-maker in the city tell how one of the delicate fibres that make up a rope would snap easily at a touch. Yet when hundreds of them are woven into a ope not even the strongest man on earth could break them!

The strength of the rope depended on the fibres – and the more fibres that went into the rope the stronger it would be.

Each member of the church is like a fibre in a rope. Perhaps they are unable to do much on their own, but united in their faith they find strength in each other and the more powerful that faith becomes.

And so that’s why the rope and the reminder are to be left at the door of St Machar’s; a constant challenge to the people who pass in and out of the Cathedral!


I hope you like my Thought for this Sunday

May God’s blessings go with you always






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