The Parable of the Oil-Can

There was once a country postman who, all his life, carried an oil-can with him on his rounds. Whenever he came across a gate that was stiff and hard to open he would bend down an oil the latch.

In the same way, whenever he passed through a door that creaked on its hinges, out came the oil-can from his pocket – and in two seconds it was as smooth and quiet as a dream.

Everyone used to laugh at the old postman; they even called him eccentric!

But he didn’t care. He went merrily on his way, refilling his oil-can when it became empty, and making things run smoother and work better everywhere his rounds took him.

I am not going to recommend that we should all carry an oil-can with us. But there are different kinds of oil that need no can – kindness and thoughtfulness for instance………cheerfulness and gladness…….sympathy and understanding.

You may be absolutely amazed at what a few drops of any or all of these can do!


With many peaceful blessings



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