Jigsaw Cows

Jigsaw Cows come out to play

The farmer needs you for his hay

The bull is here for your big day

Jigsaw Cows come out to play.


Jigsaw Cows are black and white

They stand so high they block our light

Jigsaw Cows aren’t left alone

We steal their milk for all our homes.


Jigsaw Cows some walk in pain

They lie in grass to forecast rain

Each day times two they walk the lane

A living, breathing, winding, train.


Jigsaw Cows have big grey eyes

They blink and wink to our surprise

Pink noses shine as if aglow

Long tongues lick lips up to their nose.


Jigsaw Cows we all love you

We see you grazing in the dew

The day will come when all will know

Jigsaw Cows, God made, His humour in their skins to show.
From the immortal pen of Richard Talbot Tully


With many peaceful blessings



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