If sand could tell a story
What a story sand would tell
Ten million words of stones upon the beach
The waves the pages of the book to reach.

Endless times upon the shore
Watching, listening, rolling, glistening.
Each movement governed by the seas
Inhabited by all who dream.

Some short and thin
Some long and fat
Some flat, some round
Like diamonds laid upon the ground.

Some wet, some dry
Blowing winds drift up to the sky
Some white, some brown,
Some black, some blue
The colours in our eyes all new.

Warm sand you move along the beach
Your stories change each day to teach
That life is good for those who reach
For those who hear the wisdom preached.

Oh sands of time help me this day
To stop and stand one moment more
To look and look at my sea shore
I understand you more this way
My wisdom comes from when I pray
That God lives in me, every day!

Richard Talbot Tully


With many peaceful blessings




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