CHRISTIANS KILLED and ABDUCTED in the Central African Republic

Christians killed and abducted

At least 18 Christians have been killed in a recent wave of violence in Central African Republic (CAR). In an attack in the capital Bangui on 11 February, 16 Christians were killed, some by beheading. The following week, in the Nana Grebizi province, Fulani herdsmen killed two Christians and abducted another Christian, Kondremunju Philippe, and his son. Pastor Enza Vincent from Kaga-Bandoro, the provincial capital of Nana Grebizi, says: “We want peace… There are thousands of Christians who are suffering.”

Please Pray:

  • For bereaved families to experience God’s comfort and provision
  • That Kondremunju Philippe and his son will be released safely
  • For those displaced by the recent violence, and that aid organisations will be able to deliver relief to them soon
  • For breakthroughs in the battle to restore peace in CAR, and wisdom for the government.

As those of you who read my daily blogs regularly will know I am a great supporter of the Persecuted Church and I make no apologies for including frequent references to the terrible atrocities that are being perpetrated against Christians and people of other religious faiths around the world.

Please remember the people being persecuted for their religious beliefs.

In today’s ‘civilised’ society this should never be allowed to happen but – sadly – it is all too prevailant.

Your prayers can – and will – make a difference.

With many heart-felt blessings


For more information about the Persecuted Church please go to:-



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