You Would Have Done The Same – The Voice of Titus the Priest

In some of my recent posts I have included extracts from the wonderfully inspirational Kindle book by Deacon Becky Lovatt entitled ‘In The Shadows Of Victory: Ride the Rollercoaster of Holy Week’.

And as we are now actually in Holy Week most of my blog posts this week will again be taken from Becky’s excellent book.

Today it is the turn of Titus the Priest:-

Believe me, if it had been you, you would have done the same.

This man Jesus was threatening our livelihood, our very existence. He was trying to turn our whole system of belief on its head by talking about knowing God personally.

How can you ever know the Almighty personally? I mean, what rot. God is God, never to be spoken of in human terms.

And then He went even further, claiming He was God’s chosen one, God’s only Son – maybe even divine. What else could we do? We couldn’t have Him going around saying things like that, could we?

If it had been you, you would have done the same.

He called us a brood of vipers, and said that we were only out for ourselves. He made out that we moved in some sort of inner circle, and He told stories, stories that painted us as cold and heartless human beings.

But we have families too; we have wives and children that depend on us. If we were made unclean by helping a beaten and bruised Samaritan, we would have missed our turn in the temple and that means no hours, no pay and no food for the table.

Now tell me that you would not have done the same.

He talked of destroying the temple in three days, the temple that His forefathers had sweated blood and tears to build. He spoke of the synagogue being within us and that God was accessible to all, not just the Jews. Not just God for God’s chosen people, but for all people. But how could that really be the case?

The man was a nightmare; if it had been you, you would have done the same.

We only thought what everyone else was thinking. Get rid of the man, stop Him from whipping up the crowd into a frenzy, and keep Him from trespassing on God’s laws and sacred places.

He was in the wrong, not us. He was the one who alleged He could forgive sins. How dare He, only God could do that. He was the one who touched the unclean, dined with sinners and made friends with Roman tax collectors.

He was the one who rode into the city on a donkey acting like He was some kind of king, and allowing the people to fall at his feet. The same people who so easily came to see things our way only a few days later. He was the one who brought it all on himself. We were not to blame.

It was His doing, He was the maker of His own downfall, and I know if it had been you, you would have done the same.


With many peaceful blessings



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