A Second Mother – The Voice Of John The Beloved Disciple

Everything changed that day – no, that’s not quite true. Everything changed the first day He came into our lives. The day He called us to leave all that we knew and loved and follow Him. We were all so unsure initially, but there was something about Him, something compelling and worth fighting for.

However, it wasn’t long before we were glad to follow Him; we knew that He was unique, that He had more to give than anyone before or since. He had the gift of life to give, and He gave it freely.

We followed as He moved  from  place  to  place,  teaching,  healing, and offering a chance to all, regardless of race, creed or colour, to meet and walk with the living God.

Thousands journeyed with us – wanting Him to touch them, bless them and change them and He did. Hopes ran high; many believed that He would raise an army and fight to set people free from the tyranny of Rome. Yet there were no clubs, no spears, no talk of hatred at all, only compassion and love.

In spite of that, there were people who hated him; they were wary of his talk of God, and the relationship He claimed to have with the Almighty. They arrested Him, we were there that night and we ran and hid. They tried him, in a manner of speaking, and they sentenced him to death on a cross.

I was there that day, standing at the foot of His cross, cradling his mother in my arms, as her pain was so hard to bear.

I was there, as He looked down at us, somehow smiling through His agony, and He spoke to his mother in hers.

“Woman, behold your son.” That’s what he said. He wanted me to be that son; He wanted me somehow to take His place, but I did not know how.

Then He turned His head to me.  “Here is your mother,” He said, and then I began to understand, I knew what I had to do. I held her tight, and wiped her tears from her eyes. I would look after her from here on in.

Now I would love her the way He loved her, the way He loved all of us. I took her home, just like He told me to; life would never be the same. But why would I want it to be? Through his death, life and hope live on.

(Deacon Becky Lovatt)


With many peaceful blessings




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