It Was The Last Thing I Could Do For Him – the Voice of Mary Magdalene

I didn’t know what to do!!!

I didn’t know which way to turn.

My world had been completely twisted upside down and inside out. And it was not my world.

Everyone was affected and changed.

Everyone that was there, everyone that heard, and everyone that engaged: second and third hand after that.

It was the weekend that changed the world forever. Let me tell you about it.

It was dark and cold, my eyes were sore from crying and grief was the only emotion I understood. The weekend had been blacker than black and every flicker of hope had been destroyed.

We had held Him in such esteem, we had believed that He was the one. We had walked with Him, listened to Him, heard His stories and witnessed the miracles. We had caught a glimpse of the New Jerusalem that He had told us about, but then it was all gone.

He was arrested, and tried in some mock court.

Beaten, and ridiculed and led out to die a criminal’s death.

He was alone, betrayed, denied and deserted by his friends. Only the women folk looked on, unable to speak out, unable to stand.

Then came the Sabbath – nothing could be done then.

But the morning came, and, as it was the last thing I could do for Him, I gladly did it. I gathered herbs and spices and some of the other women and while it was still dark we journeyed to His tomb to anoint His body.

We didn’t think ahead: what would we say to the guards on duty? How would we move the stone away? We would cross that bridge when we came to it, we thought.

But when we got there;

There was no bridge to cross, there were no guards, no stone, nothing. There was not even a body. Just some folded grave clothes and a shining light.

“He’s not here – He has risen,” we were told. But what did that mean?

We ran to get Peter and the others to explain that someone had stolen the body of our Lord.

Two came running, Peter and John to see that everything was just as we had said. They went away dismayed, but I lingered; I could not tear my- self away.

Suddenly a memory stirred in my mind. A light of revelation sparked.

A gardener stood by, a gardener that called me by name. And then my vision cleared, I understood, I was speaking with my Lord.

I fell at His feet and clung to Him. He was alive – just as He had said He would be and I didn’t want to lose Him again.

“Don’t stay, don’t cling, go and tell!” He told me.

He sent me out. What was I to do? Stay silent or stand up, speak out and change the world around me, as He had changed mine?

It was the last thing I could do for Him!!!


With many peaceful blessings




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