Update from Open Doors (the Persecuted Church)

This is the latest update from Open Doors:-

One year ago, seven Toyota pickup trucks emerged from the forest and rolled into the north Nigerian town of Chibok.

When they left a few hours later they took with them 252 female students. Most were Christians.

Some of the victims managed to escape but the remaining 232 girls have not been heard of since. Where are they? What hope is there for their safe return?


Al-Shabaab gunmen attacked a college in Garissa, Kenya killing 148 people. Christians were separated from Muslims and then executed. Open Doors staff are supporting parents of the victims and church leaders in Garissa.

“The situation is very tense and we are seeing some heartbreaking things,” said our team leader. EXCLUSIVE – Read this moving interview with one of the victims: “We are deeply traumatised, broken, and in need of much prayer. At the same time, we are trying to help fellow students who seek comfort and support from us.”


The 2015 UK General Election is almost here. Campaigning has started in earnest. With the persecution of Christians increasing around the world, you can make sure it is on the political agenda. Now is the time to Show Up and make sure that freedom of religion or belief is firmly on the agenda of all our potential political leaders! URGENT: will you call UK political leaders to stand with the church in the Middle East? Take action now.

Watch a selection of our latest videos, including news from Iraq and what happened when Soul Survivor’s Mike Pilavachi met Brother Andrew.More News and Resources

Nick, Open Doors News TeamWith many peaceful blessingsGeoffrey

PS Please join with me in praying that everyone from the persecuted church be given the inner strength to continue trusting in our Father God, even when faced with barbaric acts from people who, in the words of Jesus, ‘Know not what they do!’


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