Prayers for the People of Nepal

Call for Prayers for the People of Nepal

Following the 7.8 magnitude earthquake this weekend in Nepal that claimed thousands of lives and thousands more injured, the World Methodist Council Social Justice & International Affairs Committee issuedthis statement on behalf of the World Methodist Council.


A message from Malcolm and Cati Ramsay, Mission Partners in Kathmandu

Dear Everyone,

As all of you will undoubtedly know, Nepal was hit by a violent and prolonged earthquake measuring 7.8 on Saturday 25th April. The epicentre was midway between Kathmandu and Pokhara. Only 24 hours earlier, the entire expatriate staff of UMN had travelled from Kathmandu, Tansen and Okhaldunga to Pokhara for UMN’s annual four day retreat which the two of us were leading.

The earthquake and successive aftershocks, including one measuring 6.7 yesterday, Sunday, have had a devastating effect on the country. As we write (Monday afternoon), the death toll has exceeded 3,000 and is still rising as rescue operations continue. We are profoundly grateful that we ourselves, along with the other UMN staff, are all unharmed physically. However we’re all extremely shaken by what has happened and find the continuing aftershocks both alarming and unsettling. The challenge is balancing our relief at being alive with our heartfelt grief at the catastrophic consequences for so many people here.

UMN has sent two doctors to join a medical camp near the epicentre, while the rest of the Tansen staff returned this morning to the hospital. Even as we write this, UMN is taking part in urgent discussions as to how best to participate in the Aid and Relief work that has now begun. We don’t yet know how many will be able to return to Kathmandu tomorrow, but the two of us have been asked to travel early tomorrow morning (Tuesday), so that we can be in Kathmandu as soon as possible to provide a listening ear to those feeling traumatised by the earthquake.

We are deeply touched by the scores of emails we have already received, expressing people’s concern and prayers. The internet has been unreliable and this, coupled with the fact that we feel physically and emotionally drained, means that we can’t reply to each one individually – for now at least. Every single email has made a tremendous difference. Thank you.

Several texts have also arrived but mysteriously with random UK numbers attached instead of the sender’s name. This has often made it impossible to know who they’re from. If you text us please include your name even if you know you’re already in our Contacts list!

With lots of love and prayers from us both,

Malcolm and Cati


I am sure that you will all be watching the traumatic news about Nepal, in whichever country you live, and such is the severity of this disastrous earthquake I make no apologies for including regular updates/information in my daily blog.

Please pray for everyone who has lost their homes, their possessions and even their lives…….

May our Father God bless them mightily.

With many peaceful blessings



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