Music to Lift Up the Heart

When the great explorer, Ernest Shackleton, sailed to Antarctica his plan to walk to the South Pole was thwarted because his ship became trapped in the crushing ice.

Shackleton and his crew were forced to abandon their ship and thus began an epic rescue operation.

Interestingly, amongst the supplies that Shackleton took from his sinking ship was a banjo. Whatever hardships his men were about to face he knew that they would become much stronger with the sound of music to lighten their hearts.

Thankfully, it is very unlikely that we shall ever be trapped in the Antarctic but some some of the challenges and concerns that we face in our daily lives may be very serious and problematic.

And our words, offered by way of love and kindness, can be the music that joyfully lifts up peoples’ hearts and helps to make their journey worth living.

With many peaceful blessings



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