See a need and fill it!

Fifteen year old Thomas went on a mission trip to volunteer among the many street people in the city of Philadelphia. He went with a team of teenagers and stayed for a week.

Thomas had begun the journey with some misgivings; it was a new and often intimidating experience for him, but later he returned home rejuvenated and excited. Not only was he more thankful for what life had given him, he also said that he would never look at a homeless person or someone in need the same way again.

“It’s easy to judge people without knowing a thing about them and to think that they are all the same,” Thomas explained, “I believe that it is a mistake that many of us make, but I know the thoughts I had towards the homeless left me as soon as I met them on the first day.”

A Haitian proverb says: “The rocks in the water don’t know the misery of the rocks in the sun.” In other words, we cannot understand another man or woman unless we walk in his or her shoes.

Today, if we meet someone with a need, let us think how we may be best to fill it.

With many peaceful blessings



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