Anglican Church Close to Extinction says former Archbishop

Today’s news from Premier Radio:-

A former Archbishop of Canterbury has said the Church of England is “one generation away from extinction”.

Lord Carey of Clifton, who was archbishop from 1991 to 2002, was speaking after a NatCen Social Research Survey found the number of people calling themselves Anglican in the UK fell by around 1.7 million from 2012 to 2014.

Proportionally, this was a fall from 21 percent to 17 percent of people in the UK.

Approximately 8.6 million people defined themselves as Anglicans in 2014.

According to The Mail on Sunday, Lord Carey said: “These figures are a call to urgent mission.

“I have no doubt at all that the Archbishops, together with the whole leadership of the Church of England, are doing all they can to reverse this trend.”

The former Church of England leader has said previously at a conference in Shrewsbury in 2013 regarding Church of England attendance: “In many parts of Britain churches are struggling, some priests are diffident and lack confidence; a feeling of defeat is around.

“The burden seems heavy and joy in ministry has been replaced by a feeling of heaviness.

“One of the most worrying, most urgent groups we need to invest in is young people.

“We ought to be ashamed of ourselves.”

As an active Methodist I resonate very strongly with the message from Lord Carey’

Methodism also lacks young people. Not that many years ago most churches had thriving Sunday Schools. But along came football on Sundays and a vast array of other activities which, sadly, were more popular with the young people than being in the presence of our Father God.

And thus in today’s 21st Century, and in today’s economic climate, many churches have closed, and more will continue to be closed, unless ways and means are found to attract more people of all age groups into our Churches.

What ideas do you have for encouraging more people to create a deeper relationship with God?

With many thoughtful blessings



2 thoughts on “Anglican Church Close to Extinction says former Archbishop

  1. It’s refreshing the read a post that deals directly with the challenge, unfortunately many churches in my circuit are in denial. The challenge is huge, but it’s n or just ours we are not alone in the mission field and seek to follow the one who leads loves and guides us. In answer to your question, what am I doing? Trying to build confidence in the Lord in th people I serve that indeed all things can be possible with God, but rooted in the reality of our context.

  2. Thanks Andy – the challenge is most definitely huge. And many churches too in my part of South Wales (UK) are also in denial.

    Which circuit are you in may I ask?

    My wife and I are also working very hard to bring the gospel to as many people as possible. And, sadly, some of our words often fall on stony ground.

    May God bless you in everything you say and in everything you do


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