Teenager Stands Firm Despite Persecution

Jemal* is just 19, but already he knows how costly it can be to follow Jesus in Ethiopia. When he decided to become a Christian, his foster family insulted and cursed him, tore up his Bible and beat him. They even threatened to behead him. They also seized the two hectares of land that Jemal had inherited from his mother.

He moved into a small room at his church, but had no way of supporting himself or continuing his education. But Jemal says: “I started praying to God asking Him to help me remain strong no matter the suffering. I promised to never stop worshipping Him. After only a week, the Lord sent Open Doors.” Thanks to brothers and sisters like you, we were able to provide Jemal with emergency funds, and we are enabling him to complete his secondary education.

Jemal says: “There was a time I wished I could take revenge on my foster family because of the injustices I endured. However, the prayers and advice of a compassionate Christian brother enabled me to develop a heart of forgiveness. Jesus is love. He did nothing when He was beaten and crucified, knowing that His sacrifice would give me life. So, I am determined to endure every persecution to glorify the One that loved me this much.”

He remains passionate about serving God wholeheartedly and preaching the gospel. God has also given him a gift for writing songs, which Jemal uses to bless the local church.

“The different teachings I am getting from my local church and the love and concern from my pastor are bearing good fruit in my life.”

Unfortunately, Jemal’s foster family continues to harass him. They have falsely accused him of threatening them. However, God has protected him against these accusations and the court has dismissed all charges. Despite their continuing attacks, Jemal prays for their salvation.

Please Pray:

  • Jemal says: “Starting faith is one thing, but finishing it until Christ comes is the difficult thing. Please pray for me to be strong and be faithful until Jesus comes or calls me home.”
  • For the salvation of Jemal’s foster family
  • For comfort for others like Jemal who face persecution in Ethiopia, and for their provision

Ask God to continue to work through Open Doors staff and local Christians to care for those who are attacked for their faith, particularly the young and vulnerable.

For more information about the wonderful work of Open Doors please visit:-


With many peaceful blessings



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